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Not so long ago, many parents and educators thought that once children entered school, their education was best left to the professionals. After all, they were the ones trained to do the job.

Besides, modern teacher methods are so complex that parents would just get in the way. And what about parents who can barely read and write or understand English, what can they possibly contribute?

Now we know otherwise. Although our common sense may have whispered it all along, the research is overwhelmingly clear:

When parents are involved, children do better in school and they go to better schools.
This is true whether parents are college-educated or grade school graduates. What counts is that you have a positive attitude about how important a good education is, and express confidence that your children will succeed. (The effect is even more powerful among low income and minority families). Some of the major benefits researchers have found:

  • higher grades and test scores, throughout a student's career
  • positive attitudes and behaviour, for both students and teachers
  • more successful academic programs
  • more effective schools

It is clear that schools that value parent participation, there is higher achievement, more positive attitudes, and more effective programs. At Mt. Slesse Middle School, parental involvement is encouraged.

If you would like to take part, fill in the application form and either mail it to the school or bring it in person.

**Please note that while parental involvement is greatly encouraged, for safety reasons all persons serving as volunteers must complete a District Criminal Record Check form. 

Information & Announcements

Click HERE for SD33 updates about any school closures due to inclement weather.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, parents are urged to check the School District website www.sd33.bc.ca or tune into radio stations STAR FM (98.3 FM) or The Drive (89.5 FM), to receive up-to-date information on school closures and information on the buses.

Reports will start after 6:00 a.m. and will be repeated often. The information broadcast is directly from the School District. The reports are confirmed, and there is no need to call MSMS, the School District Office or the radio station. Students will be marked absent for the day, but such an absence will not affect a perfect attendance record.
NOTE: There is no "Snow Plan" for Promontory at this time.

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Howling Timberwolf LogoStaff Members


We have added many new staff members to MSMS this year to support all the new students at our school.

Teachers have moved rooms to accommodate teaming and School-based Team members have had to relocate to smaller rooms so that we can make room for all these classrooms! Teacher names are posted outside every door.

  • CORE teachers are arranged by grade level and teams of 3 or 4 CORE classes.
  • The School-based Team members have introduced themselves to every class and students should be able to find them.
  • We have added a few different positions to our middle school, such as another Vice-Principal, an Inclusion Teacher, a part-time ELL teacher, and a full-time Youth Worker.

Welcome to the new school year!    

We have made many changes to our school this year, so please take the time to explore the information on our website. 

We are looking forward to an AWESOME year here at Mount Slesse.

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