Mount Slesse Middle School was designed and constructed in 1996 and built according to the Middle School Philosophy.  In October 1995, the principal was hired and immediately began the process of research, visitations, and readings so that a personal vision could be established.

In December 1995, the vice principal was hired, and six team leaders were hired in January, 1996.  The idea of team building continued with the hiring of 36 full-time teachers, 3 administrative assistants, 5 noon-hour supervisors, 3 custodians, and a business manager.

Parents were encouraged to become involved at a very early stage in the development of the school.  From January - March 1996, parents from the surrounding elementary schools were informed about the Middle School philosophy and meetings were held to establish priorities for "their" school.  On March 6, 1996 the first Parent Advisory Committee was held to begin working on the Mission Statement.

Students were also involved from the beginning.  Each class was asked to select school colours, a school name, and a school mascot. In the end, a timberwolf was the most popular choice and the school colours chosen were silver, black and teal.

In 2018, the School District went through reconfiguration and September 2018 saw a new intake of grade six classes with grade 9 students moving up to secondary school.