IT Basics for Students

School Computer Log In Basics:

  • your username is your student number
  • your ASSIGNED password is available from the CORE teacher or Ms. Raabe - CHANGE THIS NOW!
  • students should sign into "Student" for Wifi access 
  • this account works for the photocopiers too
  • this is also the account for MyBlueprint and Office 365

Help using Office 365

  • Staff
  • Students    username = 
  • The password is the same for logging into any school computer

How to create a SOLID password:

Step 1: think of a favourite song/poem/phrase...something that has 5+ words in it

Step 2: create a password using the FIRST LETTER of each of these words - you can use the other characters (symbols, numbers) if you want to be extra creative and careful - and make sure that the final result is 8+ characters long (add more numbers or symbols at the beginning and end if you have to do so)

Step 3: think of this song/poem/phrase whenever you need to remember the password!

Example: TTl*hiwwur?
Are you humming "Twinkle, twinkle..." in your head?

Need more help? Check out Green Geeks for more tips.

G Suite

  • your username is your student number + (
  • your TEMPORARY password is available from the CORE teacher or Ms. Raabe - CHANGE THIS NOW!
  • Classroom
  • Drive (all your documents, in one place - free photo storage, too)
  • Account (password, 2-step authorization, etc.)
Ms. Raabe is the person to see about your account. You can find her in Room S219 upstairs.

How to PRINT from the Chromebooks?  see the PDF instructions below

Information & Announcements

SD33 Re: COVID-19 & Spring Break International Travel

The Chilliwack School District is expecting all staff and students to follow the advisory of the PHO in order to ensure we do all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.         Please revise out of country travel plans at this time.

Students and staff who have already traveled out of the country will be able to return to school after a 14-day quarantine.   

See attached PDF





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