The White Witch Cometh


"A new tale has been added to the "Chronicles of Narnia"!

When Jadis, the one-day White Witch of Narnia, learns her newborn sister is declared for the water, she becomes her sister’s protector. Laraan softens Jadis’ sharp edges, but Jadis was raised to be heir to the throne of a harsh land, and even the positive influence of their governess cannot quell the love for power at Jadis’ core.

When forced to save her sister once again, the two flee to the rebellion, joining forces to seek the overthrow of their mother. Even Jadis’ power is not enough and she must seek out the legendary E’Lash, a wand holding all the power of her race’s magical ancestors, but power doesn’t come without a price. Can the sisters together bring their world back to the Golden Age, or will they finally be divided?"


Show Times

  • Monday, April 29th @ 5pm
  • Tuesday, April 30th @ 4pm
  • Wednesday, May 1st @ 4pm
  • Friday, May 3rd @ 6pm
  • Saturday, May 4th @ 6pm

Everyone is welcome!! 

**Tickets are $15 and go on sale for the general public on April 15th. They can be purchased at the MSMS office or at the door. Pre-purchasing is strongly encouraged as this show is open to the general public, and space is limited. 

The shows will be in the theatre at Mount Slesse Middle School.

Please come out to show your support and enjoy a fantastic show!