The basic fee is $60.00  depending if you would like to purchase a Yearbook and/or donate to PAC

General Fees:

Student Association




Parent Advisory Council Donation


Additional Fees:

Grade 6 Students' Fee for Art/Special Projects


All Band Students' Fee for Band Book



Parents/Guardians are requested to pay fees ONLINE.   Access is on the top right of the website "SD33 Quickpay". (Online Payment instructions are attached below)

If for any reason you are unable to pay these fees, please contact the Accounting Clerk, Marlene Denny, at the school office to make alternate payment arrangements at 604-824-7481. 

Fee Explanations

Student Association: The student fee covers the cost of the following:  awards, guest speakers/presentations, mailings, student phone, school-wide assemblies, leadership supplies for school wide community events and student incentives.

Yearbook: Your school annual.  PAY EARLY TO GUARANTEE A COPY.  Don't miss out on these memories.

PAC Donation: Your Parent Advisory Council has requested a donation of $5.00 per student in lieu of fundraising.  For more information, please contact your PAC representative. 


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