International Students

Mount Slesse is a new school, which is the home of 560 students from grades 7 to 9 (ages 11/12-14/15). The school is based on the middle school philosophy which focuses on the unique needs of early adolescents and supports these diverse and energetic students as they learn and move through the many challenges of their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

We do this by developing a caring and nurturing environment for our students. The school has three pods and functions as a school within a school model. This means that the groups of students are assigned to one of three pods for the duration of their time at Mount Slesse.

Each pod contains one counsellor and learning assistance teacher and two teams of teachers where they work on all of their academic core subjects:


  • Humanities (English, Social Studies, History)
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • Science

Our school also provided numerous clubs and activities with which students can get involved. Subjects can include:

  • Leadership for students who take an active role in the school
  • Computer Graphics - animation, graphical design
  • Technology - electronics, production, structures
  • Yearbook - production of the annual book for students by students

It is our staff and students who make Mount Slesse Middle School a special place to be. We are eager to welcome you to become a part of our school.

For more information, visit the Chilliwack School District International Students web site